Dr. Rev. Stephania Parent Ph.D. is an Intuitive and Medium . She is a Doctor of Philosophy, Certified Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, and Metaphysician. Stephania has also worked in the beauty and fashion industry for more then 20 years as a highly successful and sought after makeup artist. Her experience has included  working with some of the biggest celebrities in the worlds of Beauty, Fashion, Music and Television and her work has appeared in many of today's top fashion and beauty magazines. She is the author of the recently released bestselling Book Mastering Beauty which is a spiritual guide to creating true beauty from within.

After practicing meditation for more then two decades,  Stephania was guided to share her spiritual gifts to the world. She has combined her unique expertise by incorporating the energy and beauty of each client with her super soul success coaching sessions and speaking at live events to empower her clients to live their best and most successful life from the inside out. As an intuitive artist her  soul art activation paintings are individually created and spiritually activated to uniquely align with each clients soul vibration. The paintings are used to create an anchor during meditation and also support a peaceful energy in your home or office space.