Super Soul Success Session


This Jam packed Soul Success session with Stephania will help you breakthrough the conscious and subconscious barriers that are keeping you from your absolute soul's purpose and success. In this session you can expect to be divinely guided with spiritual revelations and energetic healing that will help you align with your higher self and begin to live the successful life and purpose you were meant for. You will receive divine messages, along with practical and easy to follow soul success tips that will give you the clarity and power you need to move forward.

Sessions are conducted over the phone for 60 minutes.


 Super Soul Success Empowerment Coaching programs for Life and Business


This super soul success program is highly recommended for individuals who are in need of divinely guided spiritual and holistic life coaching to fully direct and support their spiritual, mental, emotional, financial and physical well being. In this program clients can fully expect to unblock subconscious barriers that have created lifelong patterns of co-dependency, financial lack, physical and emotional unbalance, lack of confidence and addiction.  In this program clients can expect a spiritual rejuvenation and healing that will allow their ultimate soul success to flow naturally into their lives forever. Divinely guided messages and meditations along with practical and easy to follow soul success tips will leave clients with the self empowerment they need to live their best and most successful life and in their careers.


Soul Success Art Activation


As an Intuitive energy artist Stephania offers a unique service to assist clients in their spiritual and soul success practice using art as a healing and energetic tool that is created specifically for the individuals energetic needs. Paintings come in 20x20 (inches) and are created and customized with specific instructions for the client's well being and use. Healing art is beneficial for Meditation and balancing and protecting energy in the body and home as well as activating and channeling stagnant and dormant subconscious light energy.  


Mastering Beauty Makeover



Feel Beautiful on the inside and look your best on the outside with this unique service (currently available only in the New York area). This in person session combines your own Intuitive Soul Success Session and a private makeup lesson/makeover with Stephania.